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Project Description

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Lump Sculpture Studio’s ‘Stellar’ screen comes in a range of opacities – from ‘light’ to ‘intense’ – each providing a distinctive degree of privacy, and allowing for a variety of light concentrations suitable for any outdoor configuration.

Can be made using Corten Steel with a natural rusted finish, powder coated aluminium in any colour from the Dulux Powder Coating Colour range or finished with any of Lump’s Faux Finishes as described in the Architectural Finishes section of the web site.

The ‘Stellar Screen’ – mounted as a single feature or multi-installation – uses the tessellating geometric patterns favoured by Lump’s designers to provide a contemporary backdrop to any outdoor living area.

‘Stellar’ Screens can be installed as part of a contemporary landscape feature in a backyard.

Screens can be designed to display horizontally or vertically.

Standard – 1200 x 2400 x 1.6 or 3 mm
Large – 1500 x 3000 x 3 mm (Aluminium only)
Custom sizes available

1.6 or 3 mm

40kg approx

Corten Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium


Corten Steel:
Screens are supplied with a Natural rusted finish.

Powder coated and all Lump’s faux finishes (available at additional cost).

Stainless Steel:
Brushed grain or Custom hand polished finish (available at additional cost).


Chris Vassallo

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