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Project Description

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At Lump we have developed a finish we call Faux Copper with Green Patina. This finish is applied by hand using paints that are specifically selected to provide a finish that will mimic the look of real copper with green patina.

Like the Faux Rust Finish we do not use metal filings within the paint to generate the green patina. To develop our Faux Copper with Green Patina we painstakingly colour matched varied shades of green patina to produce a multi layered application. This is sprayed onto the surface of our work to mimic the look of real green patina. And it is because we apply our Faux finishes ourselves in the studio that we can offer many varied shades of the patina look. Our Lump Faux finishes are stable and will not leach a stain or produce a dust. And best of all the Lump Faux finishes will retain the integrity of the metal beneath.

We can customise the finish according to the stage of the development of the green patina – an alternative to the full green patina effect

Applied to stainless steel, aluminium, timbers, mdf and concrete


Proprietary application devised by Lump Sculpture