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Corten steel is our primary choice of material at Lump and it is a very different material to mild steel. Corten steel is a structural material that was originally designed for heavy industrial construction and the construction of shipping containers. The natural layer of rust that develops on the surface over time creates a protective barrier preventing further deterioration of the material. The natural rusted finish is REAL rust and will leach a stain when it becomes wet. Please consider this when thinking about your application especially if you are planning on having a Lump piece on or near pale coloured walls or tiles.

We supply all sculptures and screens pre – rusted and remove all oils and stains from the corten prior to our rusting method. But please note, we cannot control the colour of the rusted finish, as it is a naturally occurring chemical reaction and it will continue to change and develop over time.

Rust – it will rub off on to your hands, it will leach a stain in poor weather and it will infect any other metal in contact with it. But, a rusted surface is a natural surface. It will delight in changes of pattern and colour and deeply ripen with age. You can change the look of it and it will return to its natural state, you can prevent it and also remove it. But don’t be fooled. Rust will never sleep We recommend one of our Lump Faux Finishes as a substitute to the natural rusted finish for internal fit outs and applications.


1200 x 2400 mm
1200 x 3000 mm

1.6 ,3, 5, 6 mm

3 mm sheet 24 kg per square metre.

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