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Designed by Timothea the Clasp takes inspiration from shapes found in jewellery. Made from corten steel with a natural rusted finish the sculpture stands 2.4 meters tall on a base finished with Lumps Faux Bluestone effect.

Awarded the “City of Stonington and Bank of Melbourne Award” at the Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition 2013.

The Clasp is a unique sculpture that is personally introspective and representative of family and objects. Objects that are tied to the family circle and remembrance of family members that have passed.

Clasp is a representation of a precious object, a gift, a bequest or a treasure. Like the function of a well-made clasp the sculpture is robust in appearance. But the sculpture signifies the delicate nature of a clasp that may connect the most fragile of chains, hold your hair in place or pin a treasure to your lapel.

2400 x 600 x 600 mm

3 mm

75 kg approx.

Corten and Stainless Steel


Natural Rusted Finish, Lump Faux Bluestone

Easy – Moderate

Timothea Jewell