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Corten Laser Cut Garden Screens

Metal Garden Screens

At Lump we specialise in decorative screens to perform an array of functions, from privacy screening for the garden to decorative screens as a feature item. Our metal screens are laser cut in either corten steel , stainless steel or aluminium and finished in a variety of powder coat colours or one of our custom finishes.  These decorative screens can form feature walls or facades that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our range of standard designs can also be customised into a variety scales to suit façade or residential feature screens , fences or gates and even as accessories in the landscape.

Many Australian designers  and homeowners have commissioned Lump to supply cladding and feature products into their beautiful projects, both commercial and residential in size. Visit us at our new Abbotsford showroom in Melbourne or contact us to discuss your outdoor metal garden screen project.

Below is our full range of screen designs, any of which can be used for any type of screen.


Hippo Standard Screen


Hippo Round - Lump decorative privacy screen

Hippo Round Screen


Agapanthus decorative laser cut screen

Agapanthus Screen


Arrows - lump sculpture Laser cut screen design expert

Arrow Screen


Autumn winds elegant laser cut tree design

Autumn Winds Screen


Bracken - Decorative Botanical Laser Cut Screens

Bracken Screen


Bubbles - lump sculpture studio design

Bubbles Screen


Chopsticks - Lump Laser Cut Metal screens

Chopsticks Screen


Damask - outdoor metal screen design

Damask Screen


Eclipse Outdoor Garden Screen - Lump Sculpture

Eclipse Screen


laser cut golden ash Botanical design

Golden Ash Screen


Ink Blot laser cut screen design

Ink Blot Screen


Jade Tree screen design - Lump Sculpture Studio

Jade Tree Screen


Kangaroo Paw Botanical interior and external decorative screen

Kangaroo Paw Screen


Lace Metal screen design - Lump Sculpture

Lace Screen


Lady Bug Metal Screen Design - by Lump Sculpture Studio

Lady Bug Screen


Leaf Skeleton Decorative Pattern - Lump Sculpture

Leaf Skeleton Screen


Botanical Decorative Design by Lump Sculpture

Manchurian Pear Screen


Matrix Privacy Screens Design

Matrix Screen


Beatiful decorative interior or exterior screens

Menagerie Screen


Moroccan inspired metal garden screens

Moroccan A Screen


Moroccan Privacy Screens - lump Sculpture

Moroccan B Screen


Moroccan garden screens - by LUMP

Moroccan C Screen


Privacy screen - Phone Design - Lump Sculpture

Phone Screen


3D Push Pull Wall - Decorative Privacy Screening

Push Pull Falling Leaves Screen


Corten 3d cladding and privacy feature walls

Push Pull Hippo Screen


Push Pull Squares space - Creative Commercial exterior screening

Push Pull Square Space Screen


Roses- Garden Screen - metal privacy solutions

Roses Screen


Spaghetti Pattern - Decorative garden screens

Spaghetti Screen


Square Space laser cut screen

Square Space Screen


Stellar Metal Screen Pattern

Stellar Screen


Sunflower Seed Decorative metal screen

Sunflower Seed Screen


Tear drop garden laser cut screen

Tear Drop Screen


Tree laser cut garden screen design

Tree Screen


Waratah decorative screen design by Lump

Waratah Screen



Wood Stack Screen